Is Vegan Collagen Possible?

How It Started:

The search for the first vegan collagen started around two years ago. This was initially when collagen powders were coming into the market, but there was no option for vegans.

We were looking for a collagen that was animal and environmentally friendly (plant based).

Extensive research went into global discussions with suppliers of raw ingredients and current collagen manufacturers to gain insight into whether there was an option already available or whether this was even possible.

There were a handful of manufactures and food scientists domestically in NZ as well as overseas that said it was possible, however, there was also a lot of doubt around the possibility of actually creating a vegan collagen.

Even with all the doubters we continued to progress with our search.

What we found was that it was possible, however, not in NZ. We didn’t have the current knowledge or facilities to create vegan collagen powder domestically. So, we went abroad and discovered a company in Southeast Asia that was currently manufacturing a vegan collagen. After further discussions and research with this company we found that they were FDA Approved and currently manufacturing for the US market.

Finally, we thought, we’ve found our supplier!

However, we still wanted to dig deeper and have our own tests and research performed. So, we got in contact with Massey University here in NZ to get some more lab tests done on the collagen to ensure the product was as it said. A few weeks later we received the results and truth be know, they were as advised by the supplier!

We then also had an internal employee who has a Masters in Science look through the suppliers test results as well as Massey Universities results as a triple check.

And now we’re here, able to offer the first vegan collagen protein blend in New Zealand!  


Manufacturing Process:

The creation of our Rose Collagen Powder:

Step One: The highest quality rose plants are selected

Step Two: Once the roses have established the buds are then harvested.

Step Three: The buds are then washed and sterilised

Step Four: The next process is enzymatic hydrolysis and separation where the collagen is extracted

Step Five: Colour & smell extraction

Step Six: Fine filtration

Step Seven: Ultra fine filtration

Step Eight: Spray drying

Step Nine: Packaged

Step Ten: Inspected

Step Eleven: Ready for consumption


What Problems Are Solved:

We are able to provide a collagen powder that is not only vegan but also environmentally friendly, animal friendly, GMO free, rich in amino acids and allergen free. Allowing access to those who can’t consume bovine or fish.


Product Features:

Our Vanilla Vegan Collagen Protein Blend contains vegan collagen, pea protein, Vitamin C, Iron, Biotin and Zinc. Making this product a well-rounded supplement that will boost energy, increase muscle strength and support muscle recovery while also providing hair, skin, nail and joint support!

Contains 2.5g of Pure Vegan Collagen and 3.44g of Pea Protein per 10g serve.

Rose Bud Collagen has the same nutritional value compared one to one with marine collagen.



Blend into water, milk, smoothies, cereal, baked goods and more!


Extra Detail:

Pregnant women to consult their physician before using this product.

Myles McLachlan
Myles McLachlan