Our Story


Pure You

Over the past eleven years, PureCoco has become the coconut
and cacao product of choice for many of New Zealand’s top restaurants,
cafes, delis, markets and more. You work hard, so why not have us work for
you. If you’re a chef, café or restaurant owner – contact us here to find out
how we can make the most of your magic in the kitchen.


How It All Began

It all began in 2010 when John, Myles’ father and Adrienne’s husband was up in the outer islands of Fiji, helping the government with a renewable energy project that’d go on to positively change the lives of many local residents. Nearing the end of the project a local village chief approached John. The Chief had been impressed with the work that he’d done for the local community. He then asked if John would be interested in continuing his support and working with the small village communities. Their goal was to create employment for the younger generation that were struggling to stay in their local villages due to a lack of jobs. This often resulted in them having to move away from their families and plantations to seek work elsewhere. The chief mentioned that for generations they had been producing natural, hand harvested, raw, extra virgin coconut oil. However, they needed help to convert these resources into jobs.
So we teamed up and it became our joint goal to keep these families together.
Not long after this conversation there was a small jar of coconut oil on our family dinner table. This is where the fun really started.
After much research and development, Purecoco was created, and with the mindset and mantra to support the Pacific and offer only the most premium, natural, nutrient dense and ethically sourced wholefoods around.
Since 2010 we’ve expanded our range of coconut and cacao products, sourced ethically and renewably from the Pacific and South-East Asia.
Your story is our story, and together we can continue to support these villages for years to come.


About PureCoco

Purecoco is a family owned and operated small business based in New
Zealand, working directly with villages in Fiji and Asia. In everything we do,
we’re determined to create meaningful experiences that don’t just meet
expectations but exceed them – from the kitchens of New Zealand, to the
villages of Fiji.
We’re incredibly passionate about educating and offering 100% natural,
unrefined, chemical free nutrient dense products that are sustainably and
ethically sourced.
From us to you, this is what we do. Join us, and make a difference.