Recipe: Gluten Free Yoghurt Lemon Tarts

1/2 cup roasted buckwheat groats
1/2 cup raw almonds
1/3 cup shredded coconut
8 dates soaked in boiling water to soften (discard water when add to food processor)
2 Tbsp Pure Coco Ltd coconut oil

1 cup natural yoghurt
1/2-1 cup soaked cashew nuts (best soaked up to 8 hours)
Juice from 1 1/2 lemons
Rind from one lemon
2 Tbsp organic maple syrup

To make the base add all ingredients into a food processor and blend until comes together press the mixture into you tart dishes (can make small ones or one big one). Don't make too thick To make the filling add all the ingredients into a high speed blender or food processor and process until start to thicken up Poor mixture in your tart dishes Place in the fridge to set for a few hours before serving

Zyber Limited
Zyber Limited