Recipe: "Bulletproof" Coconut Oil Latte

Get ready for a burst of flavour here. A 'bulletproof' coffee comes in a many forms, all of which can be super intense. Making a latte from the basic mix is a good introduction to this amazing drink.

Either a double shot of espresso, or a half cup of French Press, or a Mokka (shown above) pour.
1 tbsp butter (Lewis Road Creamery is the best for this)
1 tbsp Pure Coco extra virgin coconut oil warm milk (frothed)

• Extract your coffee as you normally would.
• add the butter and coconut oil and using a stick blender, give it a good whiz until completely blended and frothy
• Foam your warm milk (I have a screen plunger at home that I pump for around 20 seconds, works really well) and pour into the coffee blend.

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Zyber Limited