PureCoco "spicy" teriyaki bowl

Purecoco "spicy" teriyaki bowl!
We were feeling inspired to create our natural Asian vegetable bowl.
This little beauty is full of fresh green vege, brown rice and your choice of @purecocoltd amino sauce marinated tofu or chicken thigh all sautéed off in @purecocoltd coconut oil.


4 x Chicken thigh/firm tofu pieces

1 x tablespoon PureCoco coconut oil

8 x tablespoon PureCoco Amino Sauce

2 x tablespoon sesame seeds (toasted)

2 x onion

4 x garlic cloves

2 x stem spring onion

2 x stem coriander

1 x fresh chilli

1 x teaspoon fresh ginger

4 x stem bock choy or wombok

2 x cup brown rice


Marinade the Chicken/Tofu in half of the Amino Sauce for an hour

In a medium pan Sautee off onion, garlic, ginger and chilli in half the coconut oil, add the Asian greens and the remaining half of the Amino Sauce and let cook through.

In another pan fry the chicken/tofu in the remaining coconut oil until cooked through and the glaze has gone sticky and rich. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Cook the brown rice then drain.

To serve scoop rice into a bowl, top with vegetables then the chicken/tofu, spring onion, coriander and remaining sesame seeds.


Myles McLachlan
Myles McLachlan